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Automatic Water Level Controller/Indicator for Submersibles, Tulu Pump

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This automatic water level controller shows the level of water available in tank in three levels called Low, Half and Full. It display the letter “L” for low,”H” for half and “F” for full level. When water level in tank is below Low Level (desired fixed lower limit), the system starts the motor (Buzzer beeps ) and when tank is at full level buzzer beeps for 1 minute (adjustable) and motor is switched off. This controller can operate motor up to 1hp and work with all type motor starters. This system also protects the motor form burn out if it is running dry.

Our system also works in Semi-Automatic Mode. In this mode you have to start motor manually, but you don’t need to stay there to switch off motor. The controller will switch off motor when tank is full. In Semi-Automatic Mode, if tank is empty buzzer will beep to remind you that tank is empty.


Product Description:

  • Power Indicator: It indicates the power supply to the unit.​​
  • Motor ON Indicator: It indicates the motor ON condition.
  • Water Level Indication: It displays Water level in tank
  • Dry Run Protection :  If motor is on and no water is available , it will switch off motor to prevent it from damage


  • Power ON, Motor ON, Tank Full Indication.
  • Long Life
  • Easy to install
  • Suitable for AC motor (Jet Pump, Submersible, etc.)
  • 12 Months Warranty
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